Practicing Mindfulness and Getting in the Best Shape of your Life Just Got Easier

The science is clear. Mindfulness is for your brain what strength training is for your muscles.

We combine the benefits with unique blends of meditation, weight lifting and exercise.

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Why Mindful?

It’s generally believed that looking good will consequently cause you to feel good too. While fitness is undoubtedly an important part of your health and well-being, sometimes there’s no amount of exercise and nutrition that can help you deal with the inevitable stress in life.

We recognize that fitness alone can’t always meet our needs when it comes to thriving, feeling confident and suffering less.

If you’re just after a great body, you might not need our mindful approach. Mindfulness is about achieving a body and mind balance so you can look your best and feel it too.

  • Learn the true nature of self and embrace calm inner awareness.
  • Identify less with the egoic chatter of the mind and free yourself from negative mental and emotional states.
  • Experience weight lifting and exercise in a more connected state.
  • Build muscle and tone your body by becoming engaged in the activity with less distraction and escapism.
  • Quiet the brain's Default Mode Network, an area linked to self analysis including self-critisism, rumination, depression and anxiety.

build your Body and Mind Together

You often hear that exercise is important to your mental health but experts know very little scientifically. Endorphins. Neurotransmitters. These chemicals play a role but are they effective when we’re ill-equipped to battle our stressors psychologically?

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to help significantly with reducing depression and anxiety. Many see it as the single most important practice for our daily life.

Our philosophy is to integrate these activities and make it easy to stay on track with your fitness and mindfulness goals.

Mindful Muscularity

Get in the best shape of your life and live harmoniously with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Mindful Muscularity helps you unify with the present moment and better understand yourself, equipping you with the tools necessary to thrive.

Less Mental Chatter

That voice in your head that's always got something to say, you could do with less of it, right?

Less Stress

Too often overwhelmed by thoughts, feelings and emotions? Stress less and live more using mindfulness.

Harmonize the Body

Bring your conscious awareness beyond thought, learn to harmonize the body and experience peace.

Muscle Building

Our fitness regime is focused on building and toning muscle so you can have the body you want.

Fat Burning

Burn off whatever excess fat you're struggling with. Our cardio challenges are a fun way to trim the edges.

Nutrition and Energy

Reexamine your relationship with food. Eat nutritiously, maintain your energy and cut calories.

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